To write or not to write

starting something new & this is what it looks like

starting something new & this is what it looks like

‘Each chapter is like an island & I’m stuck on every single one of them’

A long time ago, after publishing two books of poems, I decided it was time to write my first novel. I worked on my fictional story for months.  Maybe years even. Feeling confident and free, I wrote & wrote. I matched one chapter to the next, carved out storylines & saw some completely new characters come to life. Until, one day inspiration decided to abandon  me. My brain got stuck, the words stopped coming & the whole thing came to an absolute standstill.

Ever since that day, time has been ticking away. I’ve read book after book, trying to find the solution to the problem my novel & I have run into. I have searched the internet, wrote a November-novel in between & never stopped hoping for that spark of inspiration which would get us back on track again. But it hasn’t hit so far…

new beginning on old paper

A while ago, I started to think of writing poems again. I’ve always loved the art of finding the right things to say within the abundance of available words. Love to challenge myself to try and capture simplicity on paper.

But thinking of a new project, felt like betraying my good-old-never-to- be- finished novel. Like I was about to give up on her/him (who’s to say:) for once and for all. And I don’t want to, because I love my book & all the heart and soul I poured into it. But this writer’s block isn’t going anywhere anytime soon & I need to do something.

the past & the present

So, today I decided it was time to start working on a new book-project. And this is what that looks like ; a collection of notebooks, all filled with readable & less readable poems, thoughts, stories & everything in between.  I’ve started gathering all the half decent things I have been writing in the last two years & I’m curious to see where it will take me. So far, the idea is to write a book about loss, about letting go & about finding comfort. It might be a book of poems, but it could also become a selection of poems, photos, single lines & drawings. I guess everything is possible at this moment….

As for my lovely ‘old’ book; here is my plead for help ……We are at a loss, my book & I. We are a pile of about a hundred and sixty pages, held together by a single story & a blue paper binder. So, if there is anyone out there with any great ideas, tips or suggestions, please let us know. We’ll be ever so happy to hear from you……

4 thoughts on “To write or not to write

  1. Just last Saturday evening I met some-one who maybe could be of any help to you. This person has worked for an publisher and had to read English books in order to see whether they were worth to be translated. You could ask her to read your manuscript …just an idea!
    I love the fresh start for your new book…pin yourself behind your desk every day like in November. You can do it!

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