365 days project – week 29

In week 29 tragedy struck our nation & the rest of the world. For a moment we felt lost for words, unsure what to think or how to feel. And not at all sure what to make of this week’s update or whether this was even the time or the place for colorful creativity.
But life couldn’t help itself & slowly went on its way, ushering us along with it. And so, the Hat found words for us, while the Three T’s borrowed words from another to promote Hope for the future. Family was visited, vegetables kept growing & days went on as they always seem to do. And it was good. And it was both sad & colorful at the same time.


4 thoughts on “365 days project – week 29

  1. on the spot. Read my comments on facebook where I share the blog on my timeline…I think you guys are great. Thanks for this again 🙂

  2. The borrowed words are so true and will help us in times of sorrow.
    Let’s stay aware of the difficult, sad moments like this week,but let’s also keep on seeing the beauty of so many other moments.
    Thanks for sharing your ‘daily life’ to us in such beautiful photos and. words.

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