365 days project – week 28

What started as an ordinary week, turned into the week in which we lost our lovely, loyal dog Benno. And although there were still plenty of things to be done, we & our little friends mostly just felt like standing still to remember our amazing dog. And with us, the summer stood still too, allowing rain to wash away plants & soil. Only the zucchinis seemed to enjoy all the showers, gratefully filling themselves with water & growing faster than Norton & Alice could ever pick them.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s post & I look forward to bringing you a more cheerful update next week:)

3 thoughts on “365 days project – week 28

  1. Thanks again for update week 28: Love how the cat is stuffed in the shopping-car while looking so angry.
    Doing shopping and getting a flat tire; not a fine combination.
    Touching poem about dear Benno and nice photo to remember him.
    Alice and Norton, even in rainy and muddy moments, they see the fun of all…good spirit
    And then the hole in the road, nice photo and looking so real!
    All those zucchinis and the sweet delicious recipes, what a work, what a good harvest!
    Adam and Danny, I love them, I love their work. They also make me aware of recycling all even more. Thanks again!What a week filled up again until the rim.

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