Me and You and a dog named Benno


Me and you and a dog named Benno

We lost a friend today. You lost a companion today. I lost an idea today; the idea of Benno & you. You & Benno. In my mind the two of you are so closely connected that it will take me a long time to think about you in any other way

I meant to write a lot of beautiful things tonight; well chosen words to make you feel better & to honor the lovely dog Benno has been all these years. I had hoped to recall funny stories & all those sweet memories we made with Benno during walks, trips & holidays. But tears get in the way of words right now & I find myself at a loss of the right things to say. Because your extraordinary dog meant so much to me; he has made my heart jump with joy with each of his heartwarming welcomes at the door. How often is it that anyone will jump, bark & roll over out of sheer happiness to see you:)?And despite the fact that I saw so little of him in the last year,  I will miss his greetings in the morning, his cheerful presence during walks & his loyal waiting at the door. But more than anything I will miss him with you. I will miss me and you and a dog named Benno.

I will be thinking about you, dear Bert….


5 thoughts on “Me and You and a dog named Benno

  1. Naomi, beautiful words and… a perfect photo of Benno and the second one him following Bert. Dogs are so loyal, faithful and cheerful. Wish we people could be more like them.

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