365 days project – week 26

26 weeks have gone by, which means we’re officially halfway our 365 days project! It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun! We hope you like what we’ve done so far & of course we would like you to stick around for the rest of the story.

I personally hope our plastic friends will go on many lovely adventurous in the months to come & that they will remain as happy as they have been during the first part of this story.I hope James will remain confident & self assured, I would like enough time for the Hat to stay a dreamer & I wish for plenty of moment for the Three T’s to burst out in song. I look forward to many awesome adventurous for Norton & his mummy, sunny Sundays for Sami to explore the world & nothing but magical Mondays for Wendy & her incredible Wilson! And of course I hope our policemen will continue to make us feel safe & well taken care of each and every day.

But I guess only time can tell…

One thought on “365 days project – week 26

  1. I loved week 26: James cleaning up the little flags waiting for the next birthday to come.The Cat and the Hat, I give the advice: keep on ‘playing’! The Three T’s with all the nice colorful food, beautiful leaves so healthy and good!
    Alice and Norton have to come over much more, there’s always some plates or cups for smashing in store! And then Sami with his monster at the sea, near Kijkduin there’s a little village Monster, the place to be!
    Wendy (with the beautiful photo) broke my heart and Adam and Danny did a good job, the talk, discuss and react.
    And then as always I like the story, the words that prepares us for the week to come! Happy 26 weeks still to come!

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