365 days project – week 30

We started this week with quiet mourning & silent mornings.
But as usual, time caught up with us & left us wondering what happened to the days of the week ahead.

I guess the answer is quite simple; lovely visitors, unexpected treasures, unavoidable chores & a lot of life is what happened to week 30…

Zij die waren/ Those who were

I was cycling in the early morning sun, when this golden scene caught my eye & I couldn’t help feeling a careful sense of happiness amid the pain of the tragedy which befell us.

(You’ll find an translation of the Dutch poem below the picture)


Those who were
those who walked
those who stood
side by side

We who are
we who walk
we who stand
side by side

365 days project – week 29

In week 29 tragedy struck our nation & the rest of the world. For a moment we felt lost for words, unsure what to think or how to feel. And not at all sure what to make of this week’s update or whether this was even the time or the place for colorful creativity.
But life couldn’t help itself & slowly went on its way, ushering us along with it. And so, the Hat found words for us, while the Three T’s borrowed words from another to promote Hope for the future. Family was visited, vegetables kept growing & days went on as they always seem to do. And it was good. And it was both sad & colorful at the same time.

A plane fell from the sky…



I feel sad today. The world weighs heavy on my mind. My heart is torn between mourning & wondering, while my soul fills itself with uncertainty.

I worry. A plane fell from the sky. History shows us that it takes a whole lot less for the world to spin out of control. I’m worried about the fingers which will be pointed, the accusations that will be made & the cold hard truth of it all. People have died and suddenly everyone will have an opinion. A conflict, which we could so easily ignore before, has seemed to have crossed our border and invaded our lives in the most alarming way possible. what if we can no longer look the other way?

I feel guilty. Guilty for life going on, I feel stupid for laughing, worrying or fretting over little things, while planes fall from the sky & so many lives are altered. And then, at the same time, I feel guilty for not feeling like this every single day of my life, because bombs fall from the sky all the time, lives are altered everyday everywhere.

The world is a crazy place. Or maybe the world is fine and we are the silly ones. With our minds that work in mysteries ways. Our attention that hops from one subject to the other with such ease that it scares me at times.
Children are being kidnapped, while I grumble because the tea is finished & I have to get a new pack from the pantry. Planes crash, family swept apart, while I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight. One nation bombing the other, wars declared as easily as peace treaties are signed & I complain about the neighbors keeping me up at night. I know it has to be this way at times. I know I can’t mourn every father, every mother, every child. I cannot fill my heart & soul with all the sadness of this world. But neither can I disregard everything that goes on around me, with the paper-thin excuse of self protection.
Every day I watch the news, read the headlines, try to puzzle it all together into a comprehendible whole. I’m looking for something to wrap my mind around, something I can swallow. I read the articles & I suppose I’m looking for silent clues to reassure me that everything will be alright again. That someday it will all blow over. Someone to tell me that I need not worry about things which have little to do with me. But doesn’t everything have to do with me somehow? Aren’t we all connected in one way or the other? Are we ever allowed to look the other way?  I wonder, how I supposed to live here & live everywhere else all at once? And what happens when there catches up with here?

I’ve spend all morning trying to puzzle the pieces together &  to ease my troubled mind, while putting it all down into words. But the picture isn’t getting clearer & neither is the message I’m trying to get across. But maybe it’s simply too much to ask to comprehend the world in one single summer day, during which some of us are laid to rest while others look up at the sky & see the sun.

Maybe I should just feel sad today; sad for all those who lost family, friends & lovers. I want to take a moment, a long silent moment to  give them my thought, my love & my compassion. And that’s all I can do…


365 days project – week 28

What started as an ordinary week, turned into the week in which we lost our lovely, loyal dog Benno. And although there were still plenty of things to be done, we & our little friends mostly just felt like standing still to remember our amazing dog. And with us, the summer stood still too, allowing rain to wash away plants & soil. Only the zucchinis seemed to enjoy all the showers, gratefully filling themselves with water & growing faster than Norton & Alice could ever pick them.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s post & I look forward to bringing you a more cheerful update next week:)

Me and You and a dog named Benno


Me and you and a dog named Benno

We lost a friend today. You lost a companion today. I lost an idea today; the idea of Benno & you. You & Benno. In my mind the two of you are so closely connected that it will take me a long time to think about you in any other way

I meant to write a lot of beautiful things tonight; well chosen words to make you feel better & to honor the lovely dog Benno has been all these years. I had hoped to recall funny stories & all those sweet memories we made with Benno during walks, trips & holidays. But tears get in the way of words right now & I find myself at a loss of the right things to say. Because your extraordinary dog meant so much to me; he has made my heart jump with joy with each of his heartwarming welcomes at the door. How often is it that anyone will jump, bark & roll over out of sheer happiness to see you:)?And despite the fact that I saw so little of him in the last year,  I will miss his greetings in the morning, his cheerful presence during walks & his loyal waiting at the door. But more than anything I will miss him with you. I will miss me and you and a dog named Benno.

I will be thinking about you, dear Bert….

365 days project – week 27

Sun & rain; our friends went outside all the same, making their ways through their busy days. There were important meetings, leisure time & of course there was a veggie garden to tend to. And at the end of each day there was a lovely piece of cake waiting to be eaten….

Hope you had a nice week too!

365 days project – week 26

26 weeks have gone by, which means we’re officially halfway our 365 days project! It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun! We hope you like what we’ve done so far & of course we would like you to stick around for the rest of the story.

I personally hope our plastic friends will go on many lovely adventurous in the months to come & that they will remain as happy as they have been during the first part of this story.I hope James will remain confident & self assured, I would like enough time for the Hat to stay a dreamer & I wish for plenty of moment for the Three T’s to burst out in song. I look forward to many awesome adventurous for Norton & his mummy, sunny Sundays for Sami to explore the world & nothing but magical Mondays for Wendy & her incredible Wilson! And of course I hope our policemen will continue to make us feel safe & well taken care of each and every day.

But I guess only time can tell…