365 days project – week 24

It’s all about red berries this week, as our friends find themselves picking, packing & processing these little round fruit. But luckily all their hard work is sufficiently rewarded at the end of the week, as they all enjoy the fruits of their labor.


2 thoughts on “365 days project – week 24

  1. Hi, a ovely blog again and I loved all of your writing about this week again, but smiled even more when you wrote about Norton being in Amsterdam. Also loved the report of the two well spoken and ever so correct police men: aren’t the neat?
    Thanks again for this weeks report 🙂

  2. This week I loved Wendy and Wilson at the beginning of the day with their bikes, ready to tackle the day and at the same time the eagerness to be back home again and chat on the couch.
    Exploring Amsterdam with an early start from the south up to the west….and then all these nice red berries and more and more….good looking and so healthy and also a lot of work. Keep up the very berry spirit!

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