365 days project – week 21

A little late, but here’s our update for week 21.
Yesterday some of our little friends got home a little late, after an adventurous walk, so we decided to call it a night & propone the update just a tiny bit….hope you will still enjoy it as usual! And see you again next week…


2 thoughts on “365 days project – week 21

  1. Weeks are passing too fast, but because of this perfect update, I can keep track of a lot of things in life. I had forgotten already about the voting-day last week and shame on me, I forgot the cat’s birthday!
    Thanks again for sharing and the winner this week : Danny and Adam’s day off! Brave guys!

  2. it always makes me laugh….especially the troops…always so funny!thanks for sharing this every times…makes me feel close to you guys

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