Never again…

4th of May

Where did the war come from?

This is a time of peace. Or at least it is for me. Right here. Right now. In the safety of my home.
This is a time of prosperity. A time of endless possibilities. A time of hope, happiness & love. It is for me.  And hopefully for you.

But this is also a time of war. A time of death. A time of threats. A time when fragile bonds might be broken. A time in which we walk a thin line; hand in hand or all alone.
Today, while I sit here behind my computer (coffee within reach, music playing & peace surrounding me like a familiar friend), people are out there suffering, starving & dying. Mothers, fathers, children. Lives falling away this very minute. As I type these words, I feel something that could be my soul, wondering how life works. Why must history always repeat itself, spinning round & round like a broken record? Why is it that we never seem to learn?

4th of May; our day to remember those who were killed or murdered during or after the Second World War.We stand together to remember & to honor the death. We stand side by side, stand tall and say; never again, never again.      
But not far from where we stand conflict wins ground. Close to home dangerous games are being played, plans are made & promises are broken. And all of a sudden peace seems such a fragile word.

4th of May; a moment of silence in which I want remember & honor. Never again, never again like a mantra in my head. But also a moment to look around and realize what peace really means, how conflicts start and where war really comes from. Who am I in the bigger picture? Am I not too small to make a difference, not too insignificant to take a stand?
In this sacred moment of silence I wonder how far my voice might reach when I’d dare to stand tall & whisper;never again

There was no alarm
No siren filling the sky
No warning sign
No soldiers striding into the streets
So, where did the war come from?


8 thoughts on “Never again…

  1. Dear sister,
    again you found words to describe a indescribable proces that seems to go on and on.
    You ask a question: Wonder what difference you can make? You’ re here and you’re thinking” How can war happen? and “Where did it come from?” You make a difference to war and the worlds problem there,: Writing to make us think about this as well and to make us all realize that everyday we should think ‘never again’.And not only ‘think’ that thought, but also apply the thought to our everyday life. Love you.

  2. Thank you so much, dearest Naomi, for sharing your thoughts in touching,fragil words. They make me silent and upset.
    Still too often I just go on and take things for granted in my every day life.
    Thanks for making me even more aware of the fact that living in peace and freedom is something to be thankful for each given day.
    Keep on feeding me with your thoughts wrapped in words.

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