365 days Project – week 12

The first week of spring; time a good walk & some work in the garden. But also plenty of time left for a hearty meal, some spring-cleaning &  the necessary dental works. As you might have noticed, The Three T’s continue on their cover-road for now & sing their heart out every sunny day of the week.

Curious to hear your thoughts on week 12…


365 days project – week 11

Another week full of little & big activities, such as walking, babysitting & cleaning.
As you might notice, the Three T’s decided to try something different this week; they used a cover song to sing about their not-so-inspiring hiking experience. If you listen carefully you can hear them sing along in the background though 😉  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bdMSCdw20

365 days project – week 10

Week 10 was filled with sunny days & as you can see our little friends made the most of it.
This week we’ve added an additional picture; a colorful snapshot we made for our lovely sister Rebecca, who had her birthday last Saturday! Congratulations, dear Rebs, we love you to bits….

The boy who wanted to know everything


It’s my brother’s birthday today. He’s turning thirty-five. 
I haven’t seen him in over a year; this dear brother of mine. Strange how time passes by and manages to create such an enormous gap between partings & meetings. When I was little, it would have been impossible to imagine spending such a long time apart from my siblings. But as you grow up & time speeds up around you, the days seem to go faster and faster. They turn into months and then, silently, into years.

Four years older than I, which at some point in time must have seemed like an enormous difference in age. Because when I look back at the years we spend living alongside one another, I mostly remember feeling that my brother was so many years ahead of me in everything he did and attempted to do. Yes, I guess I have to admit that in my eyes, he was the brightest, most educated & inventive brother anyone could ever wish for. He read magazines filled with words I had never heard of. He climbed, walked & cycled so much faster than I ever thought I’d be able to. He cooked & baked cakes, he took photos & he worked on the computer. He seemed to know it all, yet still wanted to know everything about everything And most of all he listened to classical music all the time, something which, for some reason, seemed very sophisticated to me back in the days (Never mind the fact that he constantly whistled along with the greatest composers of our time; too loud & completely out of tune.)

I can’t recall whether we did many things together; David & I. All I remember is the movies we watched together. All sorts of movies, but hardly ever light entertainment though. I remember watching films like ‘The Holocaust’, ‘The Godfather-trilogy’, ‘The Untouchables’ and ‘Escape from Alcatraz’. We would never say much or comment on what we saw. No, we just sat together, watching the tragic stories unfold, both storing what we say away in completely different parts of our heart and mind, I’m sure. All this might not seem like much to share with your brother, but honestly these silent moments of shared interest have always meant a lot to me. Because those lazy evenings & afternoons opened my eyes to the classic beauty of the moving image & have cemented my deep love for movies for once and for all. So, it’s a fond memory.

I woke up this morning thinking of my brother, far away, living in the States, living a life I know so little about. And I couldn’t help thinking how time has the tendency to come between you and the ones you love most. It’s been so many years; David living his life, while I’m living mine. That’s how life is suppose to go, I guess; you grow up together, share a life, until you don’t and that’s fine too.
But today, on my brother’s birthday, I want to take a moment to think about the clever, stubborn & inquisitive boy who left home many year ago, just to who grow into an educated, adventurous, loving & talented man/husband/ brother. I wish him all the happiness in the world and want all his dreams to come true. And hopefully, one day, we can dig up a long, preferably slightly gloomy movie and spend an afternoon side by side watching it…

Happy Birthday, David!