where the waiting starts

where the waiting starts

Last week a friend of my mum died. I didn’t really know him personally, but it still felt like I should take a moment to think about him and those he left behind. Or think about my mum and what this day might mean to her. So I sat down, intending to write something. A poem. Some kind words. Anything. But for a long time nothing happened, no words came to mind. I took out my notebooks & browsed through the books of poems that I once published. I read my ‘old’ words, which now felt new to me. Got lost in the feelings I once felt, the loss which was once mine.

And so it happened that this post is not just about my mother’s friend, not just about the goodbyes that were said today. This post turned out to be about life & the way it passes. About sudden endings & the new beginnings that wait for us somewhere out there…

2 thoughts on “where the waiting starts

  1. How sensitive and how beautiful that your “old” words become like new words to you. That is how we can approach life, it is a circle, birth, death, re-birth. Because your “new-old”words will once again become your old words. And who knows when your mind/mood interprets them as “new” again?

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