365 days project – week 8

Finally, the update for week 8! A busy week, full of emotional ups & downs.Hope you’ll enjoy all the same.
And feel free to let us know what your favorite photo is this week…


Let her go…


‘We reluctantly agreed that when you love someone, you’ve got to let them go’

Passenger (aka Mike Rosenberg) says it so perfectly, in words so true that they ring in my ears for days on end.

My sister is leaving, flying back to Nicaragua, back to the place & the people she has come to love in the past few years. She has found a second home there, far across the ocean, miles away from me. It makes me sad to see her go, yet it makes me happy to know that she loves the life she lives. She makes me proud; my brave ‘little’sister, following her heart, planning, plotting& embracing her bright future every way she can. I admire her; wish bits of me could be like bits of her; so self-assured, so focused, so seemly unafraid to live life the way she wants to.

She will fly across the ocean; leaving behind the four season of these lowlands, saying her farewells to the order of things, waving goodbye to this tiny spot of land where over 16 million people attempt to find their unique place to stand. She will touch ground in a place that suits her better, where the sun is just that little warmer, the rains falls just that little faster, where life is lived exactly the way she likes it…

I will miss her. But I love her. And I too reluctantly agree that when you love your sister, you’ve got to let her go…


where the waiting starts

where the waiting starts

Last week a friend of my mum died. I didn’t really know him personally, but it still felt like I should take a moment to think about him and those he left behind. Or think about my mum and what this day might mean to her. So I sat down, intending to write something. A poem. Some kind words. Anything. But for a long time nothing happened, no words came to mind. I took out my notebooks & browsed through the books of poems that I once published. I read my ‘old’ words, which now felt new to me. Got lost in the feelings I once felt, the loss which was once mine.

And so it happened that this post is not just about my mother’s friend, not just about the goodbyes that were said today. This post turned out to be about life & the way it passes. About sudden endings & the new beginnings that wait for us somewhere out there…