365 days project – week 1

A new year. New plans. New projects. In the last few months I must have thought of a million different 365 days projects I wanted to start at the beginning of 2014. But as usual time got away with me and suddenly the 1st of January arrived at my doorstep. And of course there was no project in place yet. I guess I call my blog imperfect for a reason…

With little time left, I sorted through all possible ideas and eventually decided to go with a photography project that my sister and I thought of together. We were looking for a extraordinary way to document our seemly ‘ordinary’ lives. And since we share a love for photographing the world of little ‘people’, we decided that we should use our small plastic friends to tell our weekly stories for us. After a strict selection process, we found the perfect candidates to travel along with us through the year ahead.

There is James, the modern cowboy, twittering to us every Wednesday. On Thursdays we meet a mysterious poet who goes by the name the Hat, accompanied by his equally mysterious friend, the Cat. Fridays are for the Three T’s, our troubadours, singing about what they see and do . Then there is Alice, the single mum and her little boy, Norton, who sends his granny a letter every Saturday . On Sundays we tag along with Sami and his loyal dog, Nicholas, who go on great adventures together . Monday is Wendy & Wilson’s day, two British expats, trying to settle in the Netherlands. And last, but not least, we meet Danny & Adam, two brave policemen, reporting to us every Tuesday of the week.

Hope you all like it:)  At least I’m sure my sister and I will have lots of fun with it…

4 thoughts on “365 days project – week 1

  1. so cute….I am so happy the year has so many days so I will be able to follow this crowd for a very long time. Hugs to all of them…and to the once behind the story 🙂

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