Under African Skies

This song fills my heart with longing and a sweet sense of sadness, reminding me of who I am and where I once began.     But it’s the best kind of longing, not the heavy, crippling kind which used to follow me through all my days after leaving the African continent.

No, today I am merely grateful that I got to live through such an amazing childhood, filled with so much beauty & wonder.

Today I listen to Paul Simon’s song with happy tears in my eyes and think of my version of Africa, the version that will remain dear to me for the rest of my life.

Today I sit & listen to this sweet lullaby of time gone by and think about Nelson Mandela; his passing, the childhood hero he used to be and the privilege of spending my days under the same African skies as a man of his magnitude.

May you rest in peace, under African skies…


5 thoughts on “Under African Skies

  1. you seem to find the right words every time…not so bad for some-body who bogs under the theimperfectblogger 🙂
    you’re growing my sister, everyday. And I am so happy that I had the privilege of spending my days under the same African skies a this girl with all these amazing qualities. Love you!

  2. Many times I think of you Naomi (and your family ) and many times I wonder how difficult it must have been for you all to leave Africa. A country I unfortunately have never been , never walked under African skies. But these words of you makes me realize how difficult it must have been. And then to be able to keep your head up, and being able to write such wonderful touching words. You know something…… I think at least I can imagine how it must feel under African skies. Mandela’s spirit will always continue to be in the African skies!
    Thanks for sharing,xxxx

  3. Africa is a chapter on his/her own in my life, in our lives, Africa has brought me and my family so much good, so much beautiful moments that I, without any doubt, would live this life again with all the ups and downs. The beauty of the mornings, the thunder, the evening colors, the sounds of the birds, hyenas in our ‘backyard’, the monkeys on top of the rocks, the sound of silence in the Serengeti, my strong and dearest friend Birgit Syamalewve from whom I learned so much and,,,and…
    Yes, Naomi, It was a privilege to live there for so many years and to know that there are a good number of people living under the African sky who are trying to make it even a better place to live for many others.
    Thanks for your beautiful words and for sharing this beautiful song.

  4. Exactly the song I had in my head when I cycled under grey skies yesterday afternoon, thinking of Nelson Mandela. I was reminded of him in the course of the evening in a very special way again. While I was listening to the confused and disarrayed stories of an eldery lady in the hospital, the suddenly took my hand and looked straight at me. “Nelson Mandela dies today” she told me. “Don’t you think that is sad?” I was just in time to agree with her before she wondered in her past childhoodmemories,, looking for the one she lost.

    Naomi, thanks for your beautiful words, once again. Your mind is a beautifull place and to you and the rest of the family: I loved living under African skies with you. And I am glad to share any sky with you.

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