Drench yourself
in words unspoken,
live your life with arms
wide open

Today is where
your books begins,
the rest is still unwritten

‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield


Today is where my November writing challenge begins. Sat myself down at 6.30 this morning, headphone on, tea within reached and forced myself to type without reading & editing as I went. It took everything within me not to scan what I had written, not to hit backspace every 5 seconds as I normally do, but to just go with the words that came drifting into my still somewhat sleepy mind.

1684 words later, I emerged from within a new story and found myself in my living room, slightly wondering what had just happened to me. There was light outside the window, garbage truck rolling into the street & people starting their day, the way I should too. I stared at the word-document in front of me, the many words that appeared in my absence and had the careful optimistic feel that I might just be able to pull this off……only a 48.316 words to go.