To take a life apart

Tomorrow it will be a year since we moved house. A year since we packed our lives in boxes and shipped them across town. A year since I left the house where I rediscovered my true self once again; step by step, at times losing patience with myself. It was hard & scary to be confronted with the truth of who I was, who I am & probably always will be. But the four walls of that small, cold house provided enough shelter to withstand the storm that often raged within.

And for that I am & always will be grateful.


2 thoughts on “To take a life apart

  1. I am happy to have shared that house with you. You are a brave, sweet, beautiful person, with whom I love to share this new home.

  2. That house was a special house on a special spot and with a very special variety of people around you…and you survived. The walls took you to places you had never been before and … the walls brought you stories you didn’t want to know, yet you loved the house as part of your journey.
    And then you moved to a ‘higher’ level.

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