Walking the Eifelsteig


In 2012 my sister and I walked the first 5 stages of the German long distance walk ‘The Eifelsteig.’ Back then I was planning to keep a travel-journal while walking this incredible route. But as usual the journal didn’t really happen and besides from the photos of last year’s trip, there is no real record of the wonderful days we spend outdoors.

This year we set out to walk the remaining 10 stages, leading us further south, towards the beautiful, historic city of Trier. Ten days of walking, a day of rest in between. Once again I took my notebook and promised myself to write a one -page -a –day journal during the time we were gone. And somehow I managed to  keep that promise to myself!

The following accounts, which I plan to post over the coming weeks, will be short notes about the marvelous days my sister and I spend in Germany. Some merely contain a collection of words; things I scribbled down in order to remember a certain feeling or scent.  Others consist of just one line, as I tried to capture a day in as little words as possible.  No matter what the diary-pages are like, I know it gave me great satisfaction to write something down each and every day of our lovely journey. Feel like going on a  hike with me?

Here’s a link to the offical Eifelsteig website:  http://www.eifelsteig.de/en/eifelsteig-portrait/


If imperfection is the aim of this blog, then I certainly have excelled. The last time I was here I wrote about an army of snails, eating away at our veggie-patch, promising you the rest of that sorry story some time soon. But then our garden blossomed; zucchini flourished, beans long and squeaky, corn grew towards the sun. Suddenly there were equally as many flowers as there were weeds, more zucchinis than we’ll be able to eat in a lifetime, ambitious pumpkin plants climbing in every odd direction. Coriander, mint, a raspberry here and there.
Is it the garden we were after? Maybe not exactly. But it is more than we could have hoped for after a lousy spring, a silly start of the summer and this being our first year of kitchen garden life. And more than this, it has become our gateway, our place under sun, the best place to make grand plans for next year’s garden, a place to sit, reflect, dream of days to come…

Life has been busy these past few months, jumbled up. Life has taken sudden turns, caught me by surprise, throwing things at me I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to handle. I’m still not sure, but I guess I have no choice in the matter.

But life has also been calm, drifting into a holiday; long days full of joy and wonder. Life has taken me by the hand, leading me into tranquil forests & silent valleys. Life has paused and so have my thought & worries. I have walked & walked , leaving behind all the things I no longer wish to carry around. Reloaded and ready ; all set to write new stories, create new images & become the imperfect blogger I wish to be. I hope you’ll still be there to join me on this incoherent journey…