Our garden



When we first got our kitchen garden, I started looking forward to writing extensive posts about our beautiful little getaway. I planned to tell you all about the delicate little plants that we’d lovingly nurse to life on our windowsill & the excitement of taking them out into the garden, where they would grow into the strong, healthy plants I always knew they could be. There would be flowers; in all shapes and sizes, bordering the full veggie patches. There’d be busy bees and humming bumblebees, sunflowers toweringhigh above our heads. Everything around us would grow, grow, grow & we would spend all the warm days of  summer in a haze of happiness and hard labor.

As the summer would spring into full bloom, I would tell you about our very first harvest; healthy and plentiful. So many zucchinis that we’d end up making big bowls of soup from them, so many berries that we made jams and tarts. Herbs, beans, pumpkins, beautiful bright yellow corn; we’d fill our baskets, share with family and friends.


When we first got our kitchen garden we anticipated a lovely, soft spring & a warm, promising summer.
But spring never really started & summer lazed about in some other place than ours. On the windowsill the seedlings soaked up the little sun there was. They turned into small baby plants which we watered, watched & one day carried to the garden, a feeling of childlike anticipation following us down the street. We dug a hole, gave them some water & left them for the night, feeling our adventure surely had only just begun….


When we first got our kitchen garden we never gave thought to the small, slimy creatures that lure in the bushes, waiting for the sun to go down & gardeners to leave their precious, soft plants in their freshly made beds. Tasty baby zucchinis, beans, sunflowers, turnips, soft spinach, herbs; a true feast for any self-respecting snail, who has the good fortune of living in a naïve gardener’s kitchen-garden. I can only imagine the smile on its slimy little face as we walked down that garden path, leaving our vulnerable crop to fend for itself in the big, dangerous world that is the Kitchen-Garden Complex.

to be continued…..


2 thoughts on “Our garden

  1. I hope I’m wrong, but I think I know what’s going to happen…. (but then, you still have the pictures)
    Cann’t wait for the next story!

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