Our Garden



My sister and I, we found ourselves a little patch of wilderness. A piece of land, overgrown with grass and weeds, but with time it will become our very own veggie patch. There is a lot of work to be done, earth to be moved, weeds to be pulled, but with a little love, some hard work and a lot of imagination I can see the whole thing come together.



It’s been a couple of weeks now since we became the proud owners of our kitchen-garden. I was planning to keep you all updated about the progress of turning our little plot of land into a lovely garden. But lately time has been running out on me and I haven’t been able to post what I wanted. So in the days/weeks to come I’ll try to post some blogs about our garden, the progress we’re making, the seedlings which in time will become our veggies and the fellow gardeners we met.


3 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. I’m curious to see your new garden and I cann’t wait to eat strawberry’s, pumpkin and gourgettes from this new land. So I will follow all the news. Lots of success!

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