And then she came…


There we are; a collection of child. Arms, legs holding one another. Little fingers holding on to little arms. A messy bundle of brother and sisters. Happy, satisfied, but incomplete . All of us waiting for the last piece of our heart and soul to arrive; one last pair of legs, another set of hands to hold. Happily and patiently waiting for another.
We are a puzzle with pieces missing, but we’re not worried.
She will find us soon enough and when she does, life will be perfect at last.

ImageAnd then she came

And she changed everything. Made our lives so much brighter, the sun that much sunnier. My little big sister; the mornings we spend chasing one another around the garden, pretending to be cops and crooks, villains and heroes, both king and beggar. Effortlessly living two lives or more in the hours of one single day.


These days she lives far from me; building a life of her own, making memories in which I don’t play a part. But it does not matter, for she will always be with me and I with her. We’ll forever share the jokes only we understand, recall the adventures only we got to go on, love the songs we listened to over and over, cherish the stories we made up as one day slid into the next.  We’ll continue to make the other just that bit crazier, just that wee bit wilder, bring out the best and the better.


Twenty-seven years ago she came. She found us, completed us.
Life has been perfect ever since.

Happy Birthday, sweet little, big sister!

5 thoughts on “And then she came…

    • To me the words seem so real, so true. You’re
      lucky to have each other and Ed and I are lucky to know you both. Thank you for sharing the wonderful thoughts and photos.

  1. so, very very nice!!! Hope to celebrate many more birthdays and your poems!! Congratulation with your sister, she is lucky to have you as one. xxxx

  2. as a mother: What can I say: tears are running out of my eyes, love is all over the place….heaps of love…
    Naomi thanks for your true and lovely words, Ruth has made us a real complete family!
    Dearest Ruth, many happy returns of the years! Soon I’ll be with you!

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