She knows best

Crippled by the thoughts of my own inability; slowed down by a sense of a panic creeping into my heart. What if I get it wrong, what if I am wasting my time. Minutes tick away and I curse myself for not starting what I want to start on this beautiful day, beat myself up for the chaos in my mind, the unsettling feel of failing time and again.
Uncertainty has once again brought me to a standstill.
I see it, I feel it, know it, but still I cannot move.

I look around the room, find my cat asleep on the couch, bathing herself in the sunlight falling through the window. ‘Sun’ she seems to think ‘it’s been a rarity this past winter. Let’s make the most of this.’ She makes me smile and I decide that on days like these, the off-days’ I better off looking at her for inspiration on how to enjoy life to the fullest. She seems to know best…



2 thoughts on “She knows best

  1. You’re amazing and capable to do so much …never forget that.
    Yesterday I saw the following quote on the web: “What you do today is important because you’re exchanging a day of your life for it” I read it and thought of all my sisters who all, in their own way, are exchanging days of their lives to do important things…for others and/or for themselves….short term based things and/or long term things. This applies to you too .Today you wrote a nice piece, you shared feelings and were able to look around and you found something that made you smile. Some people never get there! Maybe things aren’t going as fast as you would like them to go. Try to enjoy each day, don’t write those ridiculous long to-do lists and acknowledge your qualities and your capabilities, Naomi! I love you too bits. Have a goodnight sleep and wish you all the best for tomorrow.

  2. dearest Naomi, I like to read your blog and at the same time I sometimes don’t want to read your words. Try to stop asking so much of yourself, accept that no one is perfect and try to feel and see, that you are doing so well.
    You’re given much more of yourself then most of us ever do, that’s very brave,
    Next time: do what your cat did, lay down, smile, close your eyes and enjoy the sun, enjoy life!

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