Going home

A string of cranes dancing through the sky, like birthday decorating gone adrift. While noisily announcing spring, they glide further and further away, until they are mere dots on the horizon. I stop in the middle of the street, momentarily forgetting about life hurrying past; amazed by their sudden appearance, delighted as a child.

They’re going home; sailing like great feathery ships towards they place they left months ago. Gliding over rivers and creeks, pastures and meadows.  I stare up into the sky, greet them with a smile, applaud them for their bravery and fail to tell them the weatherman predicted snow in the days to come.



2 thoughts on “Going home

  1. I think the most important thing in life is…to look, to react and to observe with the eyes of a child! Only then… everyday brings you something new and exciting, something to smile for!

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