You are the song


Dearest Rebecca,

On this special day I was looking for a song to dedicate to you. But where do I find a song beautiful enough to do you justice, a melody memorizing enough to recall all the days we spend together and lyrics complex enough to embrace all that you mean to me….

I searched and searched, listened to new songs and old songs, songs we both liked at some point in our lives, for the same and for different reasons. Songs that I love and you don’t for reasons I might never understand and even to songs that you and I are yet to discover. And as I listened to all those different voices, words and instruments my head filled itself with memories and moments which together form the very soundtrack of our youth; dusty feet in dusty slippers sliding down hot boulders while humming a familiar song, a little stone chapel waiting for Maria to return as we did gymnastics and recounted the events of our day, standing on our colorful couch, tennis racket-guitar in hand, Central Park at our feet, reinventing the golden oldies we found in our parents record collecting, mixed tapes, scribbled words, Candlelight poetry that made us laugh until our sides hurt…

Songs that once belonged to our father and our mother, until we listened to them with new ears and open minds. Reinvented them, made them our own.
Sometimes I wish there was a way to listen to a song like hearing in again for the very first time. That initial feeling of stumbling upon a treasure and lifting the lid slowly to uncover a whole new meaning for the word ‘perfection’. But as you probably know, I can’t. Once I have heard the words and the melody, they’re imprinted in my brain never to leave again. Simply impossible to return to that original feel of thrill.

But you are such a treasure, my dear sister, a song to discover over and over, a treasure to find and find once more. I met you long ago and ever since then, I have met you again and again. Pieces of you. Discovered new parts, rediscovered ‘old’ parts; you are a song so beautiful and so intriguing that I could listen to you for the rest of my life and during all the lives to come…..

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I couldn’t settle on a song to dedicate to you. But that I love you all the same and that I love all the years, days, minutes and seconds we’ve spend together and will spend together in the years ahead of us.

Happy Birthday!!!


2 thoughts on “You are the song

  1. Dear Naomi, I wish I could write you back with the same amount of words..or with at least a few beautiful words. But unfortunately I do not have the skills to write like yu. Nevertheless I do love you too and think you’re great and a real treasure. You never fail to amaze me with your qualities.
    The memories of the hot boulders and the white chapel came back to me as well…seems like my brain is still working well, even at this age 🙂 Yes, Simon and Garfunkel will still do the trick and some of the songs on the tapes bring back memories as well. Good memories, about pretending to be a singer with a great voice. But I too remember that when I sang Varen, varen over de baren my sisters made it quite clear to me that I could better stick to “pretend to be a singer”..:) Maybe better to forget about that. Dear sister,thanks again for the lovely words. Love you and hope to see you soon. Abrazo

  2. Hi dearest Naomi, thanks for the nice words dedicated to Rebecca on this special day. These are just a few of your ‘singersonger’ memories written so vivid that I almost can touch them. There’s still so much more left in your memory to put in words and share it with us. Cann’t wait to read more.
    Big hug Henny

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