To my sweet siblings


18th of February 2013,

as good a day as any to tell you I love you.

A perfect day to thank you for finding me, sharing your lives with me so naturally, loving me so boundlessly and without question. This love we share is unconditional; love that sprung to life in our souls the moment we met one another. Love that has never left us and never will.


A tangled mess of arms, legs, dirty little nails, scraped bony elbows. Perfectly tailored to hold on to one another for the rest of our united lives. Where would I be without you? Where would you be without me? Who would understand that smile, who would notice the smallest twinkle in the eyes, who would take that trembling hand and hold it till it trembles no more? You helped me grow and you taught me to be who I wanted to be. You filled and still fill my life with light and laughter and give me reason to sing and dance through all of my days.

We were meant to be, of that I’m sure. Yet still I can’t believe we all met. And for that I’m grateful, I’m delighted and I’m forever thankful.

Love, your sister




4 thoughts on “To my sweet siblings

  1. Dear Sister, the feeling of love is mutual..thanks for always being there. Love you to bits, take care and please do believe in yourself a bit extra today…I know you’re not looking forward to this new experience, but you will be fine. Love

  2. Sweet, sweet Naomi,
    Thanks you for these beatiful words. You capture what we all feel, but what only you can write down. Thank you for documenting a bond that is hard to document to begin with. Take care, I am thinking of you today….. Love Saraï

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