The imperfect writings of an incurable perfectionist

I’ve been playing around with the idea to start a blog for months now, but as it goes with most of my creative ideas, there has always been a reason not to go ahead with it; not important enough, too simple or too complicated. And most of all; not good enough.

But, here I am; starting this adventure anyhow. Still afraid to fail, but what’s the worst that can happen, really?  First I was planning to post whatever I wanted to post, giving it little thought, in the hope of freeing myself from all the great expectations I usually start off with. But a perfectionist isn’t cured in a day. So, I decided to grant myself some structure after all.

The idea is to created a variety of blog posts, such as:

# The imperfect writings of an incurable perfectionist; my place to experiment with some freestyle writing. Good, bad, interesting, boring, funny, sad, anything goes. Or so I hope…

# She; an reflection on a girl who’s remarkably much like me

# Pictures & Poetry;  combining two things I love to do

# Paint & Pencil; room for my drawings, sketches and paintings

# Documenting Delight; an idea inspired by some beautiful online blogs, dedicated to documenting delight.

# Dated Delight;  old photographs of a delightful childhood

# Mind the music;  my life and this blog would be incomplete without a special place for beautiful songs & incredible songwriting.

More than anything, I want to make this a beautiful place; a place where you might stumble upon some inspiration, find that exact image that goes with your mood or where you may discover a new/old songs that simply makes your day. I want to try and write a story, my story; on being my- thirty-old-self way before I was ready for it.  I don’t know if I can do it, or whether this everlasting writer’s block will magically disappear, just because I want it to. But who knows what will happen…


One thought on “The imperfect writings of an incurable perfectionist

  1. Haven’t even started to read the rest yet, but definitly feel attracked to read the rest soon. So soon that I made a cup of tea and will do this right now!!

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